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10 inch sparklers


Its wedding week and, a sparkler send off has been a trend, seen popping across weddings and, since this event normally takes place at night, the glow of the sparklers would be quite entertaining and, memorable.

Instead of just handing the 10 inch sparklers to your guest at the end of the wedding, you can do something extra, that will cheer your guests and, make them feel more welcomed at the wedding.

Below is a detailed outline, how you can make these 10 inch sparklers more attractive and, also provide a wedding favor to the guests.

First of all you will need the following things;

  • 10 inch sparklers.
  • Personalized matchbooks: You can go to any art shop and, give them a small description of what you want to be written on the match boxes. Make the description small and, funny. If you have enough time, you can write the description according to the personalities of your guests. Later these can become the wedding favors for the guest.
  • Thick designable card stock.
  • Glue and glue gun.
  • Paper trimmer or, non slip ruler.
  • Paper sleeves: A rectangular paper folded and stapled.

At the top of the designable cards will be the bride and grooms name and, 3 words that describe them. At the bottom will be the time, when the sparklers should be lighted. The paper sleeves will have a thank you note on it, acknowledging the guests for attending the wedding.

Cut the designable card stock into single cards and, attach the paper sleeves in the middle of the card with the glue gun. Now take the sparkler and, insert it from the top making a hole and, take it out at the bottom. This way only the card and, the sparklers top will be visible, hiding the steel wire. Put them together in a beautifully decorated bucket and, place the bucket at the entrance of the wedding hall or, in between the wedding you can pass the bucket around.

So that’s the way to truly make use of a 10 inch sparkler. This is a great idea. Try it and, surely your guests will love it too. After all, sparklers make any festivity more wonderful.

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