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20 inch sparklers


Love is in the air, because, it’s wedding season. The season of love, where, even the birds are singing about love. Weddings are the stepping stone of a new life. A couple likes to have the good wishes of their guest. It’s their thinking that good wishes will help them to start a happy wedded life. So why not give them something, which will happily prompt them to give you happy wedding wishes.

Wedding favors has been an age old tradition that has been carried out at many weddings and, to this date, is still performed. It is a tradition in some cultures for the guests, to receive a wedding favor at the wedding or, at the bridal shower.

The favors vary in durability and price, according to the budget and desires of the bride and, groom .A great wedding favor can be a 20 inch sparkler. What exactly are wedding favors? It is a little gift given to guests at a wedding as a gesture of appreciation for their attendance, a keepsake of the occasion, or, simply a means to frivolity.

You can buy a mini gift for the guests. The gifts can be anything for e.g;

  • A Sweets jar
  • A Cupcake
  • Cinnamon or pine scented pot pourri
  • Candles
  • Small tequila bottles

The trick is to attach a 20 inch sparkler to each of your gift and, write a small thank you note for the guests.  The note should be short, precise and quirky, so that, reading it will bring a smile on your guests’ lips.

The 20 inch sparkler is really cheap and, can be easily bought online. If the weather permits, the sparklers can be lighted in the evening and, your guests will love it. You can also create incredible photos with them.

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