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3 Bomb Tips For Couples Wanting To Do A Sparklers Send-Off

Couples celebrate with sparklers.

Sparklers can be very tricky. Some of them light quite easily while others take a lot longer; some of them stay lit for a longer period of time while others burn out very quickly. For instance, 36 inch sparklers are very famous because they last very long as they are very thick and are double dipped.

Bomb tip 1: It is recommended that you purchase a box of sparklers in advance just to try them out before your wedding so that you can make the right decision of buying the right sparklers for you. This will give you a chance to see how long takes for a sparkler for light up and how long do they last. Most of the times the same type of sparklers of different brands have different timings, so it is important for you to give a test ride to the sparkler brand that you have chosen.

Bomb tip 2: You will need a lot of matches for your sparklers send-off especially if you are using 36 inch sparklers. An exciting way is to request all of your guests to bring a match box with them by mentioning it on your wedding card.

Bomb tip 3: You have to arrange a way to put out the sparklers once the send-off is done. It is recommended that you get a galvanized steel pail and fill it halfway across with sand and then place it anywhere nearby. The sand will help to cool down the sparklers as you cannot just throw them away like that because they can cause a fire hazard. You can place a sign so that your guests know where the galvanized steel pail is so when they are done, they can throw the sparklers off in it.

You can also enjoy sparklers on New year’s eve celebration.

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