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Add the Touch of Gold to Your Celebrations

Add the Touch of Gold to Your Celebrations

Birthdays, weddings, Christmas, New Year, no celebration is complete without some sparkly festivities. Small events can be jazzed up by the addition of sparklers. The amazing variety of colors available make it all the more fun! Out of all the colors available, the most beautiful ones that sparkle bright in the darkness of the night are the gold sparklers.

 Gold sparklers use a metallic fuel by the name of Ferrotitanium for the visible yellow-gold sparkles when burnt. These look stunningly gorgeous at night time and are the only color that stands out the most. Gold sparklers also do well in photographs. Using long exposure photography, patterns made out of gold sparklers can be photographed easily. These gold sparkler photographs make up for great memories at all celebrations. They look jazzy, festive and brighten up the environment for the guests.

Celebrating sparklers with Gold sparklers can be added to cakes too. Used instead of or with traditional candles, gold sparklers turn boring cakes into fun cakes, making them the center of attention of the party. The gold sparks draw interest and highlight the cake amongst other celebration festivities.

Gold sparklers are available in different sizes ranging from 10 inch sparklers to 20 inch sparklers to 36 inch sparklers . They are also available in different shapes like hearts and many more. These gold sparklers burn for about a minute or so before fizzing out. These few minutes of sparkles add the perfect oomph to your celebrations.

Be it for your wedding, someone’s birthday surprise or the 4th of July celebrations, gold sparklers are a necessary ornament for the events. They add zing, zest and the perfect touch of gold to your celebrations. Add some grandeur to your next celebratory event with gold sparklers and entertain your guests in a unique fun way.

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