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Be Careful When Baring Your Heart with the Heart Sparklers

Heart sparklers

Although heart sparklersare very good when making your love declaration, but, there are some precautions that you must take, in order to avoid the unhappy happenings. After all, you would not want to make a fool of yourself when professing your love!

A sparkler is made up of a thin metal, encased in a flammable covering which is coated with a dried paste of pyrotechnic chemical. A sparkler when lighted up, can heat up to 800° Fahrenheit or higher. When the sparkler is lightened up, it gives of sparkles, of specific colors. If the sparkler is not held correctly, it can cause fire, harsh skin burns and, can burn clothes.

 If you want to avoid any kind of danger during the sparkler usage, try not to buy them from small unknown shops, instead, visit a renowned shop.

Below are the 10 safety precautions that you must take, when using the heart sparklers:

  • When lighting a sparkler, hold it away from yourself, while doing it for others, maintain some distance.
  • Do not hold the sparkler over your head.
  • Do not run while holding a sparkler.
  • Do not try to light up the other sparkler with an already lit sparkler; too much light can cause a burst.
  • Don’t stare at the sparkler for a long period of time; it can cause injury to a person with sensitive eyes.
  • If you are done with your heart sparklers, do not throw it away on a grassy area; rather, put them out in sand or, in water.
  • Do not wear sandals while using a sparkler, the sparkles coming out can cause blisters.
  • Remain standing ,while using the sparklers.
  • Do not light more than one sparkler.  Lightened sparklers when combined together, produce abundant heat energy which in result can cause explosion.

Different sparklers have different burning limits, lasting from 55 seconds to 5 minutes. Even though the sparkles finish off, but, the sparkler wires remain hot. Usually, they are so hot that they can cut through the steel.

Try to make your love declaration outdoor, instead of confessing in a closed area. Sparks can fly and cause harm to people or sometimes, people can develop the stroke from the smoke. Another way to avoid danger, altogether, is to buy the heart sparklers that are smokeless and made out of bamboo.

Avoid all these dangers and you would have not a single thing to worry about. So, light up a single sparkler send-off for your loved one and say the three magical words, “I Love You.’’

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