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Best Bouquet Ideas Using 10 Inch Sparklers


A bouquet is a symbol of a new life or to a start of something new. A bride uses a bouquet on her wedding, a person gives a bouquet to a person who has just come out of sickness, a lover gives a bouquet to his girlfriend when proposing love and a husband gives a bouquet to his wife on their anniversary.
Add the 10 inch sparklers to these bouquets and you will increase the happiness of your celebration tenfold. Sparklers are guaranteed to make things extra special. Since the 10 inch sparklers are smokeless, there are no fire hazards and your celebration will continue without a hitch.

Top Notch Ideas

Following are some ideas for the above occasions in which you can use the 10 inch sparklers:

Sparklers for Weddings

A great idea is to use the 10 inch sparklers and heart shaped sparklers in the bride’s bouquet or in the centre pieces. Place three sparklers in the bride’s bouquet. Since these sparklers last for about two minutes, the bride’s walk down the aisle with her father to the altar, towards the groom will make a grand spectacle. Another way is to place sparklers in the centrepieces, which are placed on the table. When the bride and the groom say “I do”, light them up.

Sparklers for Welcome Back Party

When our loved one is sick and is coming back home after a long time, all we can think about is throwing him/her a surprise welcome home party. Decorate a table with silk cloths and ribbons and place a huge vase with fifty flowers on the table. Insert three to four 10 inch sparklers in the bouquet, and when your loved one enters the house, light the sparklers and shower him/her with flower petals. What better surprise than a wonderful scented flower shower and the bright sparkles of a sparkler!

Declaration of Love

Love is a delicate matter and should be declared with a unique flare. Sparklers are the best way to make your love declaration. A box of chocolate and a bouquet of a dozen roses with the 10 inch sparklers will make a lovely gesture to your girlfriend. Put a sparkle in her eye with just getting down on your news, and delivering the bouquet with the sparkles lighted.

Sparkly Anniversary

Are you worried that after you marriage you have lost that sparkle with your hubby? Then just try this idea and you will make her remember the love you had for each other as years before. Surprise her just like that! Buy a bouquet of a dozen orchids, as they are the best for an anniversary present. Attach the 10 inch sparkles to the orchid’s vase, and surprise your wife at night with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and the orchid vase with sparklers lighted, on a tray.
Try these ideas on your occasions and you will have the best celebration of your life. The 10 inch sparklers are guaranteed to make your occasion more lively and fun.

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