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Celebrate Your Memories in the Reunion Party with 36 Inch Sparklers

36 inch sparklers

“Recall It As Often As You Wish, a Happy Memory Never Wears Out” – (Libbie Fudim)

College is the time to make most of your memories. Friends come and go, but, college friendships do not die out, rather, you remain in touch with them and think of them fondly, irrespective of the distances that may cause hurdle between you two. And thus, this is the time when you reach out and reconnect with your friends.

Sometimes people try to avoid their reunion parties. A reunion party puts a lot of pressure on them, as they think they won’t match-up to their friends, in status and money. So here are some tips on how to plan a reunion party with the use of the all- rounder 36 inch sparklers .


Make a list of things you will need, in order to organize your party.

–          venue

–          invite cards

–          decoration

–          36 inch sparklers

–          hired help

–          food and beverages

–          gifts (if your budget allows)

–          thank you notes

  •  Music

Try not to play soft back ground music. Play new, fun songs, which can take your guests to the dance floor. Your venue should be large enough to allow the people, ease in dancing.

  • Invitation Card

When planning a re-union party, the first thing to do is make a fabulous invitation card. The invite must be festive, cheery and sophisticated.

  • Decorating Your Venue

If you have the budget, then, you can make your re-union party a, theme re-union party and if not then, you can plan a normal party. Either way works. Decorate your venue with flowers, ribbons, balloons and most importantly with photos. You can hang photos, with ribbon, of the students from the ceiling. This way, your guests can see their, and, their friends’ photos from early times.

  • Autographs

A fun way to kick start this party can be autographs. Make a year book and when the guests arrive, request them to sign up or give an autograph in the yearbook.

  • Sparkle It With The 36 Inch Sparklers

Set a kind of countdown after all the guests arrive and, distribute the 36 inch sparklers to all the attendees. Arrange a cake, and, when the cake rolls in, request all the guests to light the 36 inch sparklers.

  • Gifts and Thank You Notes

If you have the budget then, arrange the small gift bags for all your guests. For men, you can buy wrist watches and for women, you can buy the perfumes. Thank you notes are more important than the gifts. Gifts giving would signify the attendees’ importance in your eyes.

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