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A Date with the Hubby with Your 36 Inch Sparkler Setting

Date with 36 inch sparklers

What would you imagine your first date would be? A completely deserted place, booked just for you and your hubby. A cliché would be booking the whole restaurant just for that special night, or a candle light dinner set up on the rooftop, to add amazing scenery to your special night underneath the glitter and shine of the stars.
The oldest trick in the book would be to bring your dining table out to the backyard of your house and hanging small flickering lights over your head to give your date an appeal of the night. All these date set-ups prove to be romantic but fail to wow your date.

How to Tune it up?

Well, all this can be taken up a notch with the use of a 36-inch sparkler and heart shaped sparklers setting. Just think! Why not use something that will light up your hubby’s mood and make this night for her to remember. The 36-inch sparkler setting will not just brighten up your mood but will change your date night into an unforgettable moment.
A 36-inch sparkler setting lights up for 4 minutes and can be fitted anywhere. You do not need anyone’s help to set it up unless you have never experienced fireworks, because it is that easy. It is the ultimate sparkler setting that light up for a longer time than any other sparkler setting.

Why 36 Inch Sparkler?

One more benefit of a 36-inch sparkler setting is that it is smokeless. You can dazzle your date without the inconvenience felt when smoke blocks your view, or you cough due to inhaling of the fumes emitted when you light up the sparklers.
When you plan your first night out with your hubby and you choose sparklers to wow your date, just keep in mind that your choice has provided you with a range of possibilities to make that moment last forever.
To make this sparkling experience last longer, you can arrange the 36-inch sparklers all around your backyard, rooftop or set it up at a safe distance in a circle surrounding your dinner table. So when you propose your hubby, or just surprise her with a gift, that moment can be surrounded by the sparkles that reflect your true emotions behind your gesture. A 36-inch sparkler setting is sure to make your night out with your hubby a heartfelt experience.

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