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An engagement is the re-union of two love birds, who take their first step towards matrimonial bliss. Engagement parties go way back to a time when, marriage was signified as an allegiance between two families and, a romantic link between a couple.

Traditionally, the engagement party is hosted by the parents of the bride. But, there are not any hard and, fast rules to it. The party can also be hosted by the bride and, groom themselves, a friend or, by any other family member.

The question is how to celebrate an engagement party that will make it more astounding? The answer to this question comes in the form of, sparklers. These sparkly sticks, throwing off beautiful sparkles will add a wonderful touch to your party.

Sparklers can light up any occasion that is near and, dear to you. There are many ways to incorporate them in you engagement. On the cake, during the celebration and, most importantly, using them with the popping of the champagne bottle.

People now a day’s use all kinds of sparklers for their parties. Whether it’s the 10 inch sparkler, 20 inch sparkler, 36 inch sparkler, heart sparkler or, cake sparkler. Each sparkler is unique in its own form and can be used on different occasions.

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