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Heart sparklers

“Oh, If It Be To Choose and Call Thee Mine, Love, Thou Art Every Day My Valentine”

(Thomas Hood)

What’s the one day that you can confess your love with the most fanfare? Valentine’s Day! A day when, everyone in the world is, celebrating all kinds of love. Whether, it’s the love between; a mother and son, a father and daughter, husband and wife, two friends or, most importantly, two lovers.

Don’t let your romantic celebration go without a sparkle. A heart sparkler will help you to declare, what’s in your heart without any problem.

Here’s a fabulous idea that you can execute on Valentine’s Day for your loved one;

  • Location

Garden: A great time to execute this plan is in the evening, as there will be a minimum of crowd.

  • Music

Bring out a traditional tape recorder and, buy a soft music cassette. Even Tom used it to declare his love, in Tom n’ Jerry!

  • Decoration

Spread a blanket on the grass. Put an ice bucket with a champagne bottle and, two flutes on the blanket. Make heart shaped cutouts and, spread them on the blanket. Make a stand with a banner, displaying your girl friend’s name, wishing her a Valentine’s Day.

  • Heart Sparkler

Hold a bouquet of your girl friends favorite flowers, and insert a heart sparkler into it, so that it’s clearly visible from above the bouquet. As soon as your girl friend approaches, get down on one knee and light the sparkler. The sparkler lasts for one minute, so you can make your Valentine speech, without fumbling over your words.

Since red is associated with love and, Valentine’s Day, you can make a red themed proposal, from the blanket, to red wine and, red roses. You can also paint your sparkler to red color, although it won’t change the color of the sparkles but, it will make a good representation.

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