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Jazzing Up Your Wedding with Sparklers

Jazzing up with sparklers

Remember the scene from My Best Friend’s Wedding, where Julianne and Michael drive away in the car, with sparklers around them, jazzing up the whole scene? Well, you can do the same for your wedding! Using wedding sparklers for the perfect bride and groom send off is an amazing idea! Moreover, it is simple, it looks gorgeous and it makes for perfect photographs for you to cherish the memory forever!

You can jazz up the wedding by giving each guest a sparkler and dimming the lights to really see the effect. You can ask them to write messages and get amazing photographs taken. Taking photographs of sparklers is easy! The messages should be written backwards and slow shutter speed of camera with a tripod should be used to take pictures. A few amazing ideas of photographing great sparklers are the couple with an invisible spark swooping and spiraling around them or the couple encased in a sparkly heart! Put your mind to it or look up for pictures on-line, there are amazing ways of using sparklers to jazz up your wedding photographs!

Also wedding custom sunglasses are good souvenirs for the guest who has partaken on the event or the occasion. Giving the guests with something to be carried as they go back to their house is an effective way of reminding them that they have once been part of the couple’s best day.

Other ways of jazzing up your wedding using sparklers are putting them in the floral bouquets or the centrepieces of each table. These ideas make up for a great reception party at night. With artificial lights dimmed and these sparklers dazzling in the clear starry night, there could not be a more romantic set up for your wedding event. The best part about these amazing ideas is that they are all pretty affordable. There are a variety of vendors to choose from a more wide variety of colors, shapes and designs of sparklers.

Is your big day coming up? Are you going to add the sparkle to your wedding? Share with us your unique wedding sparkler ideas!

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