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Make Your Daughter’s 16th Birthday Special Day with 20 Inch Sparkler

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Sparklers are normally used in wedding ceremonies. They are becoming a decoration thing in different cultures all over the world. These sparklers come in various sizes but the 20 inch sparkler has become a preferred choice. Now people use sparklers in all celebratory occasions. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, engagement, prom night, home coming party and even birthdays!Children usually don’t know about the end of the stick being hot and they can hurt themselves or anyone else with it.Use safety precaution for sparklers.
A girl’s sweet 16th birthday is the most important birthday in her life. No one knows why exactly a 16th birthday in particular is important to a girl, but her parents do their best to give their daughter the best birthday ever.

Bring On The Cake Please!!!

Make your daughter’s birthday more bright and beautiful with the 20 inch sparkler. Have you ever seen a birthday cake throwing of sparkles? If no, then here is a great way to give you daughter a birthday cake that she has never seen the likes of.
The highlight of a birthday is always the “cake”, so why not make the cake the best sight. The trick is to wait for the right moment so that the guests are wowed and are left speechless. When all the guests have arrived, and your daughter is eagerly waiting for the cake cutting ceremony, roll in the cake with the 20 inch sparkler inserted in the cake. It’s a guarantee that your daughter will feel the most special daughter in the world.

The Fool Proof Choice!

Don’t worry about the cake getting destroyed or melted, as these 20 inch sparklers are smokeless and give of very less heat. No residue is left behind so the guests can safely enjoy the cake.
Pass around the 20 inch sparkler as birthday favors and take pictures. You can write your daughter’s name with the sparklers and have the photos taken. The artistic finish and the blazing sparkles of the sparkler helps create memories, which will be well remembered even after a long time.
The 20 inch sparkler has a burn limit of 1 ½ minutes, which is sufficient time to have a grand sparkler cake entry. You can be comfortable knowing that the 20 inch sparkler will not extinguish in the midst of the cake cutting ceremony. These sparklers are a great choice for indoor events and they will prove to be a very lively and fun birthday addition. It guarantees to create great memories and help any event to become even more magnificent!

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