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We offer wedding sparklers in the following most popular sizes

10 inch sparklers

The 10 inch sparklers are perfect for a small get together or, an intimate party. They look as beautiful as un-lit as lit. These sparklers are mostly used in birthdays. The 10 inch sparklers are made of steel wire so, they do not produce smoke when they are lighted. They last up to 30 to 45 seconds. They are available in different colors.

20 inch sparklers

The 20 inch sparklers are called the best size selling sparkler. Since they are of a perfect size, they can be used in any occasion. Whether, it’s a Wedding, Birthday, Sweet 16 Party, Graduation Day or Prom Night. These sparklers are double dipped to give off brighter sparkles than any other sparkler. The 20 inch sparklers are made of steel wire core, which makes them smokeless. They can be used outdoor as well as indoor.

36 inch sparklers

The 36 inch sparklers are the pinnacle of all the sparklers. These sparklers will dazzle everyone at first sight. They last longer than an average sparkler. They are made of steel wire and, create a minimum of smoke when lighted. Since their burning limit is longer, they can be used in large gatherings like; weddings and outdoor parties.

Heart sparklers

Heart sparklers are specifically designed for weddings and occasions of love like; Valentine’s Day. The make your occasions quite memorable. When lit, the sparkler burns from both ends and, meets in the middle.  The heart sparklers are 11 inch tall and 3 ½ inch wide and, they last approximately for about 45 seconds. They are smokeless and can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

Wedding cake sparklers

Cake sparklers are different that all the other sparklers. They can be used in your cake ceremony, by placing them on the cake. These cake sparklers make your cake cutting ceremony more beautiful. They are 100% safe to use on a wedding cake. They are smokeless and, leave no residue behind. The sparkler has a red spike at the bottom, so that; the sparkler can be placed on the food.

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