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Sparklers and Fireworks –Entertaining yet Hazardous

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Fireworks are always fun to light up and everyone loves doing that. However, as much as they are entertaining, they are hazardous and injurious as well. People think that they are dangerous for children to handle, but in reality, adults are the ones that mishandle them the most. On Fourth of July, people usually ignite simple or homemade fireworks and sparklers every year. But these fireworks, especially the bottle rockets and sparklers, are the most dangerous of all.

Following are the fireworks and their intensity of how dangerous they can be if not properly used:

1.      Cherry Bombs

Cherry bombs are one of the most dangerous of all fireworks. Even some of them are banned in many states including M80 and M100. If 15 or 16 M80s or M100s are blown up together, it will be an equivalent explosion to a commercial dynamite. The power of these cherry bomb fireworks can be doubled if they are more compressed in their container.

 2.      Bottle Rockets

When they are lighted up, they travel at a speed of 200 mph. This single fact about them is enough to make them hazardous. Apart from this, they are susceptible to causing fire as only a few seconds are needed if they crash into a flammable material. Also, they travel in a haphazard direction, making them more vulnerable to causing injuries.

 3.     Heart Sparklers

Heart Sparklers fall into the category of silent and dangerous. They do not blow up or move in any direction, but they do get very hot after few seconds. The temperature may reach around 1800 degrees. Such a temperature can cause serious injury with just a second’s contact with the skin and eye.

 4.      Homemade Fireworks

According to the statistics, about 33% of the injuries are caused by the homemade fireworks. Sparklers, bottle rockets and cherry bombs are sometimes homemade and made extra powerful to cause more riot. They are banned in most of the states as they are not made with standard quality materials and can back fire at anytime. The appearance of the homemade explosives is easily recognizable because they have no labeling or warning signs of danger.

Fireworks pose a sign of happiness and joy as people light them up on weddings, birthday parties, Christmas etc. But no event would stay joyful if someone gets injured and has to be taken to a hospital. It will surely turn the event of happiness into sorrow and ruin the occasion.

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