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The Anatomy of A Wedding Sparkler and Is It Harmful?

The Anatomy of A Wedding Sparkler and Is It Harmful? Are you planning for a glorious wedding event? If you are, then, you must have considered, buying and using the sparklers at the event to add energy to its delight. However, if you have not used the sparklers before, then, you may be worried about its various safety issues. People have skeptical view about the use of the wedding sparklers. Some consider it harmless, while to others, it is dangerous to use. However, in order to conclude that, we must first analyze and comprehend in detail about the main elements present in a sparkler and the chemicals which are added, during their creation. The main elements found in the anatomy of a sparkler are as follows;

1. Metallic Blend Of Fuel

• Magnesium

• Titanium

• Iron

2. Supporting Fuels

• Sulfur

• Charcoal

3. Oxidizing Agents

• Potassium nitrate

• Barium nitrate

The agents and chemical elements listed above are indeed quite vigorous in nature and they can prove to be fatally destructive, if, destabilized. According to a study, conducted by the National council of Fireworks Safety, sparklers are responsible for 16 percent of firework related injuries in the United States of America. However, another research unveils that majority of unforeseen injuries and events related to the wedding sparklers occurred due to the usage by the children. Despite learning the statistical research and the chemical anatomy of the sparklers, they cannot be termed harmful or dangerous for usage. It is because, after the chemical production, the sparklers are dipped into a special coating, containing an agent, which makes the burning process more stabilized and secure. This coating contains an agent ‘pyrotechnic’, which makes the wedding sparklers harmless, when lightened up. Secondly, the safety of the wedding sparkler is determined by its usage. Gold sparklers use a metallic fuel by the name of Ferrotitanium for the visible yellow-gold sparkles when burnt it is harmful sometimes.As per the statistical results, the children caused most of the accidents. Actually as per a safety precaution, sparklers are not to be used by the young children, unless the adults properly monitor them. If the sparklers are used, taking all the necessary safety precautions, into consideration, as stated above, then they cannot cause any harm to any individual, instead they would add enchantment, luster and glitter to the most illustrious moments of your wedding.

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