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The Sparkling Birthday Surprise

The Sparkling Birthday Surprise

Are you one of those people who love celebrating the small things in life? We love celebrating everything happy! Birthdays are one of those amazing things we love to celebrate. More than celebrating what is more fun is planning someone else’s birthday surprise. There is nothing more satisfying than making someone else happy!

Planning a sparkly birthday for your loved ones is easy. A guest list of friends and family, a yummy cake, some scrumptious snacks and to add the final zing, birthday sparklers! Birthday sparklers can be added to the cake to turn an ordinary cake into a festive one. They can be used either as an alternative to traditional birthday candles or just used alone to make the cake exciting. These sparklers can easily draw attention to the cake and gather guests around for the cake cutting ceremony.

A more fun way to use birthday cake sparklers is to add one sparkler to each birthday slice handed over to guests. The guests can individually enjoy the sparkler and the room can look all festive with a sparkler in each guest’s hand. The guests can use their sparklers to write messages and get photographs taken. Sparklers turn out amazing in photographs. You can look up for great ideas on how to write messages with sparklers on-line. Photos of sparkling birthday messages would make a great album and in turn, a great present for your birthday friend.

The wedding custom LED foam sticks also used in birthdays and it is very easy because the guest have nothing to do but to hold it and to wave it in the air until it glows.

Next time you are planning a birthday for your friends or family members, remember to add some jazz, some zing, some sparkle to the event with birthday sparklers. Use it for the cake, hand it over to guests, write messages and take gorgeous photographs to make the event a memorable one! There is no better way to make the celebration merrier!

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