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Top Four Wedding Sparklers Mistakes That Should Be Avoided


Planning to light sparklers at your wedding? Great! Just do not make the following top mistakes and these mistakes should be avoided:

1- Missing the venue check.

If you intend to use sparklers, you have to make sure that you have already seen the venue and the place where you will be lighting them. Some venues do not allow their usage because of hazards, safety and insurance reasons. You would not want to be all ready to light up your fires and then be told at the last moment that you are not allowed to have them on the venue.

2- No announcement

If you want the majority of the guests to attend your sparklers send off, you have to make sure that you put up some sort of an announcement to let everyone know. You would definitely not want to enjoy the sparklers event with a handful of people. Also, you have to decide in advance the timing at which the send-off will start. For instance, in summers the daylight is longer. So you have to plan out the timing which is going to suit you the best.

3-Not having enough open-air space

You cannot arrange a sparklers send-off in an indoor location. So make sure, that you have enough of an open-air space where you can have all the fun you want. Managing space will become specifically important for you if you choose to buy sparklers that need a little space to light and glow. For example, if you are only making use of 14 inch sparklers, then space should not be a very big concern.

4- Overbuying

All the guests in your wedding will not participate in your send-off. Some will leave early and others will just be acting as photographers. Order your sparklers for about 70% of your guest list. 14 inch sparklers should be ordered more in quantity because most of your guests will be waving them as they are easy to light and do not seem as scary as other sparklers.

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