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Types of Sparklers

Sparklers celebration

It is understood that when sparklers are added to the festivities, things seem more glamorous and lively. They create overwhelming atmosphere that lighten up the event and make the memories cherish able.

There are different types of sparklers available; depending upon what type of event, you are planning to celebrate. While most people think all the sparklers are somewhat same, in reality, they vary a lot. They differ in size, color, shape and even burning time. The type of sparkler you chose depends upon the demand of the event. Some different types of sparklers are briefed below.

Wedding Sparklers

Using sparklers at weddings is a new addition to the sparkler industry. Many people buy wedding sparklers to jazz up their special night. Wedding sparklers come in sizes that vary from 20 inches sparklers to 36 inches sparklers. They usually burn with a golden glow as this produces less smoke. You can buy wedding sparklers and use them in your send off line, or in décor as a part of the glowing sparkly bouquet, or even in pictures to make them magical.

Whatever you decide to do with them, wedding sparklers are now a very important type of sparkler.

Independence Day and Parades

The Independence Day celebration brings in mind, the sparkling festivities that can overall add to making the event, worth memorable. It is great to use these ideas on the special occasions. Whether it is the small sparklers for indoor use or that for the big ones, for your backyard, use of sparkler is always fun and great way to mark the events.

Moreover, they can be also used in parades to grab the attention of the viewers. Sparklers are known to brighten up parades effectively.

Birthday Sparklers

Uses of sparklers are common among the children. Using sparklers at birthday parties is an excellent way to lighten up the event.  They can be used as party favors, props for pictures or even put up on the cakes! Birthday sparklers are designed with extra care, since the children use them greatly.

Whether you buy wedding sparklers or purchase them for birthdays, using them at your events is an amazing idea! Choose the type of sparkler that can jazz up your event.

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