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Wedding Favors Ideas

A wedding is surely the best and most special celebration a couple can encounter along their relationship. So, if you are planning about your wedding and need some wedding preparations, particularly on wedding favours, there are many wedding favour ideas you can actually try. Surprise your family, friends and guests on self made wedding favours for your special day. Here are some of the easiest wedding favour ideas:

  • Home-made Granola

Savoury or sweet? You can provide your guests with the choice of picking up from a mix of tasty munchies that can be consumed in their car ride home. Just simply fill various mason jars with a flavourful snack. Thus, put on labels, so it is easy for your wedding guests to get the mix they like as they go.

  • Signature Soda Pop

Indeed, your signature drinks are not just for chill cocktail hours. You can send family and friends home with a very cool memento of your special event. First, start your treat with bottles of soda pop and simply attach a chic and eye catchy straw and show the soda pop drink’s recipe.

  • Retro Rounds

There is no nickel needed for making these cool and surprising treats for your guests. Now, you can actually pack traditional style containers with a collection of your much loved treats. To finish the treat off, pop on monogrammed labels and simply take your treats off.

  • Regional Treat

Now, if you are hosting your own wedding or wedding in your own home town, then share your own regional favourite. Pack your favourite regional treats in a classic and stylish container and simply add a unique and special tag such as the ones made from real maps. It could be your home town flair.

  • Personalized Flash Drive

Sad news,your wedding celebration may come into an end. Aside from this, you can send your guests with memories that they will surely remember forever. Just simply load a flash drive with your own playlists and favourite photos. Chances are your guests will surely be thrilled to watch and check if they actually made it into the pictures and video.

  • Hot Cocoa Cones

Another wedding favour tip is by making hot cocoa cones. Give your guests something delicious and extra rich that they can likely whip up once they get home. Simply wrap marshmallows together with cocoa in a shaped cone bag and it is ready to go.

  • Simple Succulents

There is nothing like an eco and nature friendly wedding favour that can last longer after your big day is over. You can attach your guest’s table number and name to every vessel and they will serve as an escort card as well.

  • Bit of Tea and Honey

A bit of tea and honey after a day of non-stop festivities can be a soothing reward for your guests. Pack sweet honey stirrer sticks with loose gourmet tea and finish with a tag and ribbon and give it as your wedding favour.



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