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Wedding Sky Lanterns


Some newly-wed couples fly off wedding sky lanterns before their wedding celebration and once the party is over. Family and friends of couples make wedding wish lanterns as a sign of loyalty, gratitude and unconditional love. Grooms and brides want their weddings to be memorable and be one of the best days ever. And one way to do so is by adding that “ahh” and “ooh” factor to their special day by releasing wedding sky lanterns. Releasing lanterns has been a long term Asian festival tradition for thousands of years. Paper lanterns are used for the celebration of Chinese New Year and also as a signalling device.

The flame on these wedding wish lanterns symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. There are lots of lantern vendors that are now hundred percent biodegradable. They are touted as being a beautiful, calm tradition as guests release their wedding lanterns to light up the night sky. These night sky lanterns can fly up for around twenty minutes and 1000 feet in altitude and can travel few miles in distance. After then, the flame is supposed to be extinguished and float back down safely.

When it comes to a wedding celebration, wedding wish lanterns symbolize hope and wish of good luck for the newly-wed couple. Rising silently, softly glowing into the night sky, these wedding lanterns can create a magical scene not only for the newly-wed couple, but for everyone from guests to participants.

The idea  is to give each of your guests a wish card, a pen and a sky wish lantern at the start of the reception. By then, the visitors and guests will have enough time to think about their wishes for the newly married couple and write those wishes on the wedding sky lanterns idea and also the wish card. The wedding wish lanterns are released later into the night sky and the wish cars are collected before the party is over and given to the groom and bride as a commemoration of all the best wishes given to them by family and friends and also a keepsake of their wedding day.

Today, wedding lanterns are already used as a special and unique decorative item that not just provides an ethnic look, but also a trendy appearance. There are hundreds of stores and shops where you can find an enormous range of varieties of wedding wish lanterns and not only be used on weddings, but also on family gathering occasions, parties and other occasions. Such lanterns add an effect to your wedding day party and can be strung outdoor and indoor as a decoration.

Wedding lanterns come in different sizes, styles, kinds and appearances. However, there are risks entailed on releasing lanterns and one of which is fire. You should buy and use only wedding lanterns that are fire retardant and biodegradable in order to prevent fire hazard. Another thing to keep in mind during your special day prior to releasing lanterns is to wait for a calm day. Wind might blow the sides of your wedding lanterns, forcing hot air out and may cause a fire.

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