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Your ideas are valuable for us!

If you have a unique idea about how to light, display or use sparklers in a wedding in an exclusively appealing way, share it with us and we will share it with the community over here so that all the users can gain benefit and joy from your concept.

The idea is to give each of your guests a wish card, a pen and a sky wish lantern at the start of the reception. By then, the visitors and guests will have enough time to think about their wishes for the newly married couple and write those wishes on the wedding sky lanterns idea and also the wish card.

One of a truly amazing idea would be worthy of an exciting prize from us.

Wedding sky lanterns is one of the most and nicest idea on your wedding.

Hurry up; don’t let your positive thoughts go in vain. Your idea can be one of the most prestigious in kind, it can light and cheer up every one’s wedding while awarding you with the prize!


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