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It’s the year of demand! During wedding season, the top item sold in abundance is sparklers. Every couple tries to create new ideas, to incorporate sparkles in their wedding. The most popular sparkler ideas are;

  • Using sparklers for your send-off: It’s an exciting and fun filled alternative to using rice. The guests can line up for the “grand exit”, holding the sparklers for the wedded couple. The 36 inch sparklers are a great choice for send-off.
  • Using sparklers to draw shapes and, for righting words in the air to, capture it on camera. Examples include; writing the four letter word, “LOVE”, or making heart shapes. The 20 inch sparklers are a great choice for writing in the air.
  • These sparklers also make great table centerpieces for the reception. You can place some sparklers in a decorative glass vase and, place it on each of the reception tables. The 10 inch sparklers are a great choice for center pieces.
  • Cake sparklers are also used for wedding cakes or, any other deserts. These sparklers are specially made for cake, so that your cake doesn’t get ruined.


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